Liste de fournisseurs GB, USA, Australie, Nouvelle Zélande et Italie


Cette liste de fournisseurs concerne des fournisseurs Australiens, Néo- Zélandais, Anglais, Américains et Italiens de pièces de rechange pour les monocylindres et les L-twins classiques et aussi quelques rares fois pour les parallel-twins. Il faut aussi savoir que certaines pièces des 750 et 900 à couples coniques conviennent aux parallel-twins, notamment certains accessoires électriques et divers accessoires.

Mais on trouve aussi dans cette liste des fournisseurs de toutes sortes de pièces de détail, d'accessoires et autres produits divers pour les motos anciennes. Il m'est arrivé de faire des achats par l'intermédiaire de certains d'entre eux dont Bevelheaven et ça s'est très bien passé. Par contre, ces liens sont en Anglais et d'autre part, certains ne fonctionnent plus.

Au passage, si vous vous débrouillez bien dans la langue de Shakespeare, sachez que le net en Anglais est mille fois plus riche en informations que le net en Français, j'y vais très souvent quand je fais des recherches.

Idem pour la presse, il existe de très bons magazines de motos aux USA avec des essais et des articles techniques d'excellente qualité. Attention, je ne dis pas que la presse spécialisée Française est mauvaise, il n'empêche qu'il lui arrive souvent d'acheter des articles aux Américains. - for vintage and classic Ducati motorcycle enthusiasts (beveldrive Ducatis including manuals and parts suppliers). (manuels tous modèles anciens et adresses de fournisseurs pour couples coniques)

Bevel Heaven - Vintage Ducati Bevel Drive Motorcycle Extravaganza. (beveldrive Ducatis) (couples coniques)

Classic MV Agusta - The Bike Museum (devoted to older MV Agusta) (MV Agusta anciennes)

Ducati 750 GT Roundcase Bevel (reference site for 750 GT Ducati)

really good lists to be on (très bonnes choses):

Ducati: bevelheads to subscribe or unsubscribe visit Bevelheads Info Page (pour s'inscrire)

pantaheads: un site concernant les Pantah et dérivés (750 F1, 750 Sport, TT2, TTf1, etc.

MV Agusta: devoted to older model MVs (MV anciennes) | the definitive mv agusta motorcycle source devoted to modern MVs (I like the MV F4, even bought one)


Ducati 851:

Cc: BevelTech <>, Bevelheads
<>, Bimota Mail List <>,

Ducati parts suppliers in Australia (fournisseurs de pièces Ducati en Australie):

EuroBrit (Melb, Vic) EuroBrit MotorBikes Australia - Welcome

Road and Race (Newcastle, NSW) Road Race - Racing Details, Betting Odds and News

Gowanloch (Sydney, NSW)

International parts in general (fournisseurs à l'étranger):
OLD RACING SPARE PARTS - Ducati parts for Road and Racing... Old Racing Spare Parts


Mdina Italia, Ducati Motorcycle Specialists, West Yorkshire specialising in SS & GT Ducatis

Cosmopolitan Motors in the USA possible web address Untitled Document (Cosmo Jo page)

or their eBay page: word is they can be a pain to deal with

Bevel Heaven - Vintage Ducati Bevel Drive Motorcycle Extravaganza. (beveldrive Ducatis)

Disco Volante Moto - (Powered by CubeCart)

desmo - The bevel Side of Life . . . Königswelle und mehr


Ce nom de domaine est hberg chez FranceLink

Motocicli Veloci

eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices

use advanced search and any country/region. Everything comes up on ebay, just need to make sure it’s the real thing and not over priced

MV Agusta parts/service (Pièces et service MV Agusta)

Boring Cylinders & Bicycle Components Albert Bold deals in the older 4C MVs

MV Meccanica Verghera Kay’s deals in older MV 4C and reproduction Magni, MV factory race bikes, Gilera factory race bikes

service for older (may also do parts) and modern Italians
Melbourne Desmo Centre (Bob Brown) Kensignton, Melbourne 9372 2113, it’s who I use SCR Ducati (Newcastle, NSW) it’s who i’d use if in Sydney

Gowanlochs (Sydney, NSW) good reputation

EuroBrit (Melb) EuroBrit MotorBikes Australia - Welcome

Road and Race (Newcastle, NSW) Road Race - Racing Details, Betting Odds and News

Doctor Desmo (Adelaide)

The Bike Factory (Adelaide 08 8231 2301) seem involved in concourse restorations and project rebuilds

paint (peinture):
Roy Bogner (Melbourne)
Motorcycle Paint Clinic (Preston, Melbourne)
Bike Craft (Mentone, Melbourne) Brad Wiseman 9585 2100
Black Edge Auto Body (Allan Gibson, 9873 2838, Ringwood, Melbourne)

textured black finish on the instrument pods and tank knee pads - try VHT wrinkle black exhuast paint and bake in oven
wrinkle finish from Eastwood

alloy tanks (réservoirs alu):
Bernie Willet (Research, Melbourne) 03 9437 0232 based in California, USA

The Tank Shop, Aluminium Petrol Tanks For Motor Bikes USA

Evan Wilcox Hand Crafted Alloy for Motorcycle Enthusiasts beautiful but expensive

T.A.BAKER | CLASSIC MOTORCYCLE FUEL TANKS | TAB II German panel beater WBO tanks sold by Ducati Kaemma


for MV tanks try (à essayer pour réservoirs MV Agusta):
Carrozzeria LIBANORE R. Italy
Chiodion s.r.l Italy Magni style alloy tanks

brakes (freins):
Welcome to Vintage Brake! disc and drum brake parts and helpful tips

scarab brakes
Jörg Bohnenstiel ( is a, if not the only, specialist for servicing Scarab, Grimeca, Lookheed & Brembo brake systems.

THE KING OF PISTONhomehome they sell pistons for many italian bikes

rubber bits for old bikes (pièces en caoutchouc pour motos anciennes):
BEVEL RUBBER (Ferntree Gully, Melbourne) absolutely best available for old Ducatis 03 9758 0476
Ariete (owned by Mentasti so the names are interchangeable in Italy)

shock absorbers (amortisseurs):
Konis are now manufactured in Australia, they’re named Ikon or Ikon Suspension

wheel lacing (rayonnage de roues):
Lightfoot Engineering, Lightfoot St, Surrey Hills (Melb). Can also make rims to suit

clip-ons (guidons bracelets):
Woodcraft Technologies to suit various diameter forks

detailing (accessoires et produits de nettoyage et polissage):
Small Brushes to clean, detail and refinish cast aluminium alloy motor surfaces, restore aluminum alloy motorcycle engine and auto motor castings, engine crankcase, cylinder head. To restore motorcycle aluminum alloy, and safely remove corrosion

brilliant detailing brushes in nylon & ss (Richmond, Melb)

repoduction exhaust (refabrication de silencieux d'échappement):
Motostoricheitaliane Silentium pipes

screens (bulles):
Visual Screens - motorcycle screens, motorcycle windscreens, Touring Screens, Standard Screens, Sportbike Screens, Double Bubble Screens supposedly an excellent product and price from New Zealand.

Gustafsson plastics Gustafsson Plastics can make the windscreen in any height, shape, color you want. Leif can use an old broken one, photo or drawing. He’s good.

Eagle Screens Australia - Motorcycle Screens

carburettors (carburateurs):


Dellorto and weber carburettors online

Motorcyclecarbs Carburetors, Carburetor Parts and Carburetor Restoration info on float height

Flanders Cables for Mechanical Control, throttle cables, brake cables, automation control cables, custom robotic control cables

sugar cube petcocks (robinets d'essence cubiques):
rubinetti Italy

Halogen bulbs and other light related bits (divers éclairage et signalisation):
to suit old style fittings including 6v. they seem brighter than standard bulbs

Paul Goffs vehicle electrical Site 
Page Title (Australia) 

Welcome to Hella New Zealand - Hella Corporate

Automotive Light Bulbs and Light Bulb Sockets

Scooter Parts & Accessories - America’s Largest Selection - Vespa, Genuine, Kymco, Honda, Yamaha, Chinese at Scooterworks. They’re a vintage Vespa place in Chicago

http://www.vehicle-wiring-products.e...ting/bulbs.php in UK.

fibreglass (polyester):
Classic Motorcycle Fibreglass Tumbi Umbi, NSW. has a huge range of fairings, tanks, sidecovers,seats etc

Motorcycle fairings, bodywork, fairing, seat, lower, fender, race tail, race body, rear hugger, fuel tank, air box, custom fairing and cafe racer;.. Airtech who havescaled down singles fairings (east coast usa)


OLD RACING SPARE PARTS - Ducati parts for Road and Racing...

sealing fibreglass and steel tanks (produits d'étanchéité pour réservoirs d'essence polyester et acier):
try Red-Kote in steel tanks.
On fiberglass tanks try Caswells Epoxy fuel tank sealer. Caswell Inc. - Epoxy Gas Tank Sealer
EuroBrit also have a sealer made in Tasmania suitable for steel and glass tanks

key blanks (ébauches de clés):
Italian Cycle Parts

QUALITY KEYS FOR Ducati, 1980s

decals (autocollants):
Dan Murdoch of Motographix 02 9748 3164 Motorcycle Decals from MotoGraphix
Vintage Transfers for Motorcycles and Bicycles

Classic Transfers - Welcome to Classic Transfers seem good quality

forks (fourche):
Frank’s Maintenance and Engineering, Inc.

MV Agusta parts (pièces MV Agusta):
MV Agusta owners club of Great Britian. Bought all the spare parts when MV shut shop but must be a member to access the parts

Phil Aynsley Photography Philip Aynsley has a great selection of Ducati and other bike photos and also offers a ’photo reference service’ to assist with restorations. worth a look just for the pics of rare Italian bikes

manuals (manuels d'atelier et catalogues de pièces): - Associazione Amici Veicolo Epoca

homepage also has brochures and other stuff

bits and pieces (pièces diverses):
VANEM Online Store - custom parts for SR400 SR500 W650 TW200

yet to sort through this lot( some are already in the list)
OLD RACING SPARE PARTS - Ducati parts for Road and Racing

desmo - The bevel Side of Life . . . Königswelle und mehr

Ducati Bevel Twins
Ducati Development Dortmund

Fa. Michael Nitzsche + Team Italomotos Aprilia Benelli Cagiva Ducati Moto-Guzzi Moto Morini MV-Agusta = Italienische Motorräder + Klassiker Motorradverleih

Ducati Kmna click on the links and watch the
pictures and bikes for sale...

Motocicli Veloci Pics of bikes in
original config. The M3 1971 is NOT that...

SILENT HEKTIK Automotive Hard- & Software - Ducati 900SS, Darmah + HR1 digitaler Zndkit fr Normal- + Doppelzndung The guy who bought my 1976 860 GTS in boxes...

Welcome to Vintage Brake!

Willkommen bei Check Galerie for lots and lots of wonderful
old bikes... If you want to buy a 1972
750 GT or a 350 Street Scrambler or...
x.htm If you want to look at old Ducs...

Motocicli Veloci

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